“I had a lumbar fusion due to severe scoliosis and was unable to bend over or rotate without pain … since I have been doing pilates-based physical therapy with Rachel for the last two years, I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been!”
Darrel Hieber, patient of six years.

“I came in thinking Pilates would just make my abs stronger but I have truly never felt better!”
Steve Pearson, client of two years.

“Resolution is a place to resolve all the kinks inside and out!”
Kristan Hertz, patient of six months.

“Resolution has helped realign my body and strengthen muscles I hadn’t been aware of before.”
Patti Davis, client of one year.

“I have suffered from lower back pain on and off for several years.  My chiropractor sent me to Resolution with full confidence that the physical therapy approach here is far superior and much more effective than traditional therapy.  I have seen positive changes in my body and have had a significant decrease in lower back pain.  Thank you Resolution!”
Valentina Agius, patient of two months.

“I had been doing Pilates for three years in Orange County and when I moved here I had a hard time finding teachers who were as talented as mine there.  Finally I have found knowledgeable, challenging teachers and a healing environment!”
Diane Dekovner, client of six months.