At Resolution Physical Therapy, most insurance plans are accepted, and most treatments are covered by insurance companies if you have a prescription and a valid diagnosis.

Please contact the Resolution Therapy closest to you for detailed information.frontdesk-237x3001

Patients are responsible for any service not covered by insurance. This includes treatment that insurance says is not “medically necessary” even though a physician may have recommended that exact treatment.When using insurance, you must have a prescription signed every 30 days. We are here to assist you in determining your benefit coverage. Customary method of billing for physical therapy services is based on the amount and type of services you received. It is difficult for us to tell you then ahead of time exactly what each session will be billed as the PT alerts us to what procedures are needed. Once we verify your insurance coverage, we can notify you of the approximate coverage and you may contact our billing service at any time with questions. Overall, patients are ultimately responsible for knowing all details regarding their insurances which includes: deductibles, co-pays, percentage of coverage, etc.

Please understand that all payments are due at the time of service unless we can be certain that your insurance company will be paying us directly for the treatment.