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Our experienced staff specializes in the following conditions: Orthopedic and sports injuries such as ACL repair, tennis elbow, IT band syndrome, meniscus tears, rotator cuff injuries and others • Neck and Back pain due to disc herniation, pinched nerves or sciatica • Traumatic injuries due to whiplash, car accidents, falls or otherwise • Pre and Post Surgical Conditions • FibromyalgiaChronic headachesMultiple SclerosisCarpal Tunnel SyndromeOsteoporosisArthritic Conditions
Rachel KilpatrickRachel C. Kilpatrick, MPT

Founder, Owner and Master Physical Therapist

Rachel founded the Resolution brand in February of 2004.  She received her Masters degree from Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, GA.  She began studying Pilates based Physical Therapy in New York City in 1998.  Resolution began in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, and Rachel later went on to open another in Dunwoody, GA, then Santa Clarita, CA, next Roswell, GA, San Francisco, CA and recently again in Dunwoody, GA within the Corporate Chiropractor location across from the Concourse.  Resolution was founded with the belief that an injury is much more than the injured part, but a combination of  insufficiencies that lead to discomfort and/or injury.  Pilates transforms and realigns the body and is amazingly versatile to the need of each client.  Rachel has found this combination to be powerfully healing and continues to spread the tremendous results of Pilates based Physical Therapy.