Resolution Physical Therapy is in Darien, CT. Resolution provides clients with the highest standard of fitness and wellness care possible in a positive, uplifting environment where a genuine concern for each client is unmistakably the golden rule.

  • Clients can expect personal attention and individualized exercise protocols.
  • Staff members have extensive education and experience.
  • Resolution’s Physical Therapy services provide total body conditioning and treats the “whole” person, not just the injury.
  • Our staff maintains clear and consistent lines of communications with your doctor with extensive notes, reevaluations, and phone calls to ensure appropriate patient care.
  • We specialize in exercise for the injured. We are experts in reversing the back pain cycle by incorporating postural training, core strengthening and body mechanics instruction.
  • Clients utilze our Pilates Classes as an adjunct to therapy, or simply as a way to look and feel their best.

Please dress comfortably as you would for exercise.

A Word About Physical Therapy
In Connecticut physical therapists can see you without a medical referral. However, for physical therapy injury a treatment diagnosis must be in place.  If you have a specific injury, you’ll need a referral and diagnosis from a medical doctor or chiropractor.  Most insurance companies require a physical therapy prescription that documents “medical necessity” for treatment.  However, if you are just in need of fitness services, a prescription is not needed.  Since these visits are not considered medically necessary, insurance will not reimburse them and payment will be due at the time of service.

Many people seek physical therapy with declining function, whether it is a postsurgical issue, an acute injury/trauma or a chronic disease/condition, pain, stress, etc.  Many of these may be reimbursed by insurance plans.  Physical therapy treatment and skilled interventions are based on movement impairment models.  Goals are established at time of exam.
When you have reached your goals set by both you and your therapist, medical insurance will no longer cover your visits.  If you would like to continue care at that point, you would be required to pay out of pocket.  Many of our patients become lifelong clients and continue with Pilates, prevention and maintenance exercise as well as therapeutic massage.
Focus is placed on core muscle strength to improve overall posture to take you out of the pain cycle. Muscles are elongated and strengthened in a lengthened position. We will work with your doctor to come up with the best resolution to your pain. Treatments also include any combination of the following … ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cervical traction, soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, and manual stretching to name a few.