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Resolution Physical Therapy has studios in Los Angeles (Brentwood) and Greenwich, CT. Resolution provides clients with the highest standard of fitness and wellness care possible in a positive, uplifting environment where a genuine concern for each client is unmistakably the golden rule.

Rachel's Tips


Inflammation – what is it, and why do I have it?

Inflammation is, like pain, a cyclic event. Once one is in an inflammatory cycle there is only one way to get out of it – NSAIDS taken as notated on the bottle. Inflammation begins with the release of histamines and


Five Reasons Pilates Heals

Pilates is a strengthening and relaxing exercise that focuses on control of the body; promoting breathing control, better posture, and muscle development in the upper torso. Here are five reasons why Pilates is excellent for everyone but especially those with disabilities.


Breaking the Pain Cycle

I see patients that are “stuck” in the pain cycle every day, and I find there is often one common pain culprit – poor posture. We all know about posture and can usually straighten up to the desired position when